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How to disable Alfred Ctrl-N 'Show Package Contents Function'

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Hi, all


I always use the ctrl-n/ ctrl-p to move down/up. However in alfred, when I press ctrl-n simultaneously it will show the package content of current that app instead of moving up/down. It is a little inconvenient for me to switch between the items. Is there some way to disable this?


Any help will be deeply appreciated!





Does Ctrl + N always result in showing package contents? And does it show it in Finder or Alfred? This isn't a default action in Alfred, so it's either a workflow hotkey you've set up, or a third-party shortcut that interferes with Alfred. :)


(Also, could you please enter your valid Alfred v2 Powerpack email address in your forum profile? I can see you've entered an address but it isn't a valid Powerpack address.)

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Same problem here -- I'd really like to use ctrl-n to move down. This works correctly in the results list *unless* the list item is an application, in which case it triggers the "Show Package Contents". In other words, I can navigate up and down with ctrl-n and ctrl-p through files, folders, web hits, contacts, whatever, until I hit an application. (Ctrl-p still works on the application.) 


This doesn't happen in Finder (I can move up or down as expected, since I've mapped the key with Karabiner). There doesn't seem to be anything about "Show Package Contents" in Keyboard->Shortcuts.


Is there a way to check the Alfred hotkeys (without looking through every workflow, of which I have many)?

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