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Close alfred window once workflow is selected

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The behavior of the input window has changed during the last several updates. The workflow below used to close the Alfred window once the input was selected. Now it runs the script as expected but leaves the window open. How do I restore the original behavior?


Here is a sample workflow as an example:





Launch Alfred's preferences to Appearance > Options and change the Focusing dropdown to "Compatibility mode" and try again. Alfred's focusing was changed a few versions ago to be smoother and more suitable in most cases, but in this particular case, you might prefer using Compatibility. :)


Let me know how you get on!




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Thanks for the response Vero. This does not change the behavior for me. After I select the test workflow the window remains open. Please download the workflow I provided above and try for yourself.



The workflow you've provided is a script filter with no action attached to it, which means when you press return, Alfred doesn't have anything to do... this behaviour is intended.


If you setup a keyword and wire that into a run script, then the run script is the action and put your script in that, then the script is run when you press return and Alfred is hidden.




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