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Search for ... in Spotlight stopped working... [Fixed 2.8.3 b433]


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Edit by deanishe: Built-in "Search for 'X' in Spotlight" alternative action (OPT+ENTER) fails on multi-word queries. Bug confirmed on OS X 10.11.2/Alfred 2.8.2 (432)

I often - it is probably my most used Alfred feature - use Alfred to pass a search to Spotlight in a finder window, via the traditional command:

Activate Alfred
Enter search term
Hit Control-Return

Though hitting Control does get the Alfred window to change from the standard results subtext to "Search for ... in Spotlight", hitting return (or enter) does nothing. No finder window appears.

This just started happening in the past week or so. It happens on both my Macs, which are all running the latest 10.11.2 and Alfred 2.8.2 (432).

Spotlight search in a finder window (via invoking spotlight, then choosing "Show All in Finder" at the bottom of the Spotlight results window) appears to work fine.

I've tried rebuilding the finder preferences and the spotlight index.

I remember this was happening with an earlier version of Alfred; can't recall if it was a bug that was fixed...

thank you!

Edited by deanishe
Issue confirmed on latest versions of Alfred and OS X
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I've tested it with my Alfred.


For me, the "Search for 'x' in Spotlight" works when the query is a single word. If there are multiple words, however, Alfred silently fails.


Can anyone else confirm this? If so, I'll move this to the Bugs forum.

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