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Hello there,


First post, so thank you for having me ;)


I just purchased Alfred Remote, and was happy to read that it is possible to connect Remote and Alfred on the computer even if they are not in the same network.

I tried the recommended steps to connect directly, but I've had no luck so far. I can connect just fine when I'm in the same network, but if I change to my 3G network, I can't connect. I'm probably missing something important.

So, I have set up the direct connection by inputing my IP address and port. I have Little Snitch running, and I went in to create a new rule to allow both incoming and outgoing connections from Alfred in the mac. I also went into my router and set up a new application to allow connections on port 50026, which is the one set in Alfred.

But I did all this with my non-savyy experience, and I probably did something wrong.

Could you try to help me along to figure this out?


Thank you so much.


All the best,


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It's hard to say for sure because you haven't given any details of your Alfred configuration.


The most likely cause of the problem is that you're not trying to connect to the right IP address.


If you want to connect from outside your LAN, you need to specify the Internet IP address of your machine, not the LAN IP address. That is to say the IP address you see when you visit ipinfo.io on the machine running Alfred.


Unless you have a static IP address from your ISP, which would be very unusual, this won't work well. You need to set up some kind of dynamic DNS account, so you can connect via a hostname instead of an IP address.


That said, I have no idea if Alfred Remote even supports hostnames: I can't connect Alfred Remote using my Mac's local hostname.


In theory, it shouldn't actually matter, but Alfred Remote does have its connection issues.

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