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Spotlight Comments With Ease

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Workflow Description


With this little workflow, you can select a bunch of files, trigger the workflow (hotkey or keyword) and type in the comments you’d like to add. The extension allows for a default action when encountering existing spotlight comments, as well as interactive mode and parameter options (more on that later).



Installation and Setup


Download and import. As for setup, there isn’t much to it. Simply define what your desired default action should be when encountering existing comments. Change property defaultOverwrite : "append"  accordingly. Possible options are append, replace and interactive.



Extension Usage


Triggering the extension and entering text without any of the following parameters will default the the behaviour discussed above, with the exception of delete of course.

  • -d — Will remove any spotlight comment from the selected files;
  • -a — Will append to existing comments;
  • -r — Will replace existing comments;
  • -i — Will function interactively allowing you to decide on a file by file basis. It will display the existing comment to facilitate your decision too ;)
There is no need to leave any space after the parameter but you can do so if you prefer (it will be stripped from the begging)

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Great stuff. Any chance of making it a File Action, rather than just acting on the Finder selection?


Also, a notification on completion might be nice too.


But great work, I'll use this one quite a bit.

Sure, I'll look into that too.


Any other ideas for improvement?

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Thanks for this workflow! I've been using it a lot lately.


I agree - Having the workflow as a file action would be a great addition.



Totally forgot about this request. I've put it on my todo list and will surely try and implement it if possible.




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