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Alfred to Control Another Mac

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I did some looking around, I apologize if this information is readily available and I missed it.


Is it possible, and if so can someone point me in the direction of some documentation, to use Alfred to engage workflows in Alfred on another Mac?  I have a family license of Alfred and two Macs on my desk. It would be nice to do things like adjust audio, launch apps, etc. on the secondary machine from Alfred on the primary.



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I actually have a workflow that does just what you are asking. I haven't released it because it is a complicated workflow that needs a tutorial and I haven't had time to write it yet. The workflow uses Alfred, Dropbox, and Hazel. You set up a location in Dropbox for scripts that Hazel sees updated on the other computer and send it to the workflow for running the script. It isn't instant since it depends on the sync time of Dropbox and when Hazel notices the new file (Hazel uses a polling system). I use it to perform tasks on my Mac mini while I am traveling and using my Mac Air. If you are interested, maybe it can whip up a brief description on how to use it this week and sent it out.

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