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Bluetooth Device Activation workflow?

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I'm already using a workflow that lets me toggle Bluetooth completely on or off. 


Are there any workflows that allow you to toggle on/off _specific devices_ you have in your Bluetooth dropdown? For example, I'd like to be able to connect my headphones specifically without having to manually do it (with the mouse). Does this workflow exist?



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Yeah, this is one of those things that I would love to be able to write/use, but it's not feasible to do it in any elegant way because Apple (for some reason) locks down Bluetooth in a rather draconian fashion. It's still a dead end as far as I know.

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Hi everyone,

I googled my way here, but it looks like there's still not an Alfred workflow. 

A few days (or weeks?) ago, I read about an app that adds a shortcut to the menu bar (or a global hotkey) to connect to bluetooth speakers/headphones. The app is called Tooth Fairy ($0,99 on the MAS, link: https://itunes.apple.com/pt/app/tooth-fairy/id1191449274?mt=12) and it works fine with me; I just wish I could add shortcuts to more than 1 device

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