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Search Website list for multiple/diffrent words

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Hi Community,


I'm desperately looking for a way to search in Safari on a Webpage list multiple words.

I was hoping that Alfred can help?


On the website there will be adding different names on a list. First the list is blank but a user can register an the Name will show up on this list. I know all the names of the users so I know what to search for.

At the moment I check every hour do a cmd+f and search for the family name. Did't find the name so the user is not registered.

I try the next name on my list, cmd+f and the next user is found. 3rd family name cmd+f not found and so on.

A hour later some more names will be found.


Any Idea how I can handle this easier oder more automatic?

Sorry I'm all ne to the script thing so I'm not sure wehere to start.


Thanks in advance for your kind help.

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