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Add a monospaced font option to Large Type


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It would be great to add the option to use a monospaced font with Large Type. I like to use Large Type to show the output of a shell script and a monospaced font would help to keep things aligned.


For example, at the moment I want to pop a calendar with columns and rows by using gcalcli and the ouput that I get is not readable since all the columns are not aligned.


I think the best option would be to have a global setting in the preference menu and to have another option in the Large Type workfow item that would override the global setting. This way, workflows that need the option can use it and the others will keep using the user preference.


Or this could be an option with a selection of multiple fonts (with some monospaced fonts included) that Large Type can use...


Right now I can output to a file and call qlmanage to pop the QuickLook preview, but I find it quite slower and I can't close it with the keyboard.


Or maybe this will be possible with Alfred 3 or there will be more output options !? Looking forward to what you come out for Alfred 3 !! :)



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