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Searchio! Auto-suggestion from search engines in different languages

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No, afraid not. Alfred doesn't work that way. There's one URL per result. You can send the URL to different actions by holding CMD/CTRL/ALT etc., but it's not inherently possible to change the URL by holding down a modifier, which is what you're requesting.


You can work around that, but the workflow isn't set up that way.


You would have to implement a separate I'm Feeling Lucky search in the workflow.

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Searchio! workflow for Alfred Auto-suggest search results from multiple search engines and languages.   There are a few existing workflows that provide auto-suggest results from one or

You're right. @nikivi avoided that issue by making an extremely generous donation. Whole crates of beer! That and some good suggestions and a PR for improving the workflow.   If I'm honest,

Umm, it looks like something I've fixed but haven't released:     If you can build the workflow from the develop branch, it should work as expected.   Beyond that, I'll t

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Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I read your post and checked out the issue, but forgot to reply.


Essentially, that's a "feature" of the particular website's implementation. There's nothing Searchio! can do about it, I'm afraid.

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@Nikita: I've merged your other thread with this one. And I already answered your question via PM before you created the thread.


For the benefit of anyone else interested in Quora: Yes, it is possible to add Quora, and I will, but I'm currently rewriting the workflow from scratch (to make it easier to add new search engines), so it may take a while.

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I also have a question, is it possible to make it so that as I am making a search, if I press tab instead of it entering a space like it does now, it would actually autocomplete the top autosuggested result. 


So if I press tab here, it would autocomplete this result : http://i.imgur.com/dCh9ZSB.png


Right now if I press a tab there, it would just make a space like so : http://i.imgur.com/z5Adbyp.png

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TAB always autocompletes the selected result plus a space in case you want to add to the suggestion.

I guess it would make sense for the user input to autocomplete to something else if you have "Show query in search results" turned on.

FWIW, I recommend turning this feature off: in order to show the user's input at the top of the results, I have to disable Alfred's knowledge when "Show query…" is on (to prevent Alfred from changing the order of the results). As a result, Alfred won't remember which result you selected for which query like it normally does.

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Hey, I absolutely love this workflow. It is by far my most used workflow that I have. I have one question though.


I am not sure you are familiar with it but I use wikiwand (http://www.wikiwand.com) as my replacement for normal wiki. What it does is that it usually takes the links from wikipedia that you open and redirects it to their version. It does so with a safari extension. With Searchio workflow it works too but I really find that transition period really annoying as it often takes quite some time. I made a screencast to show better what I mean : http://quick.as/9yqPCOo22


Can I edit the workflow for the wiki search part so that it goes straight to the wikiwand version of the article and thus cuts down that redirection waiting time? This would be absolutely phenomenal as I really quite like using both the wiki and your workflow.


Thank you a lot and I hope it would be possible.

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I'll look into the problems tomorrow/Friday.


I can't replicate the issue at the moment because I'm running the (currently) half-baked v2 rewrite that doesn't yet support the problem engines.


I also need to reinstall Alfred 2 to edit the workflow to maintain compatibility.


Unfortunately, simply editing a workflow in Alfred 3 will make it incompatible with Alfred 2, regardless of whether you use any Alfred 3-only features :(

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Can I request a 'fallback' feature for the workflow. For example, a query like that : 




I can't search for query directly. I can only choose one of the options provided. For example GitHub search workflow : https://github.com/gharlan/alfred-github-workflow gives you fallback search for your exact search query as the last result always so if you don't like any of the options provided, you can just arrow up and search for the exact query you made.


This would be really nice to have, I hope you can agree with me.

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Oh yeah, I remember having this option on for a while, I turned it off as I found a lot of the suggestions were spot on and I didn't want the hassle of going down with down arrow every time to get the suggestion. More often than not I go with suggestion rather than a query I have made specifically thus it would be great to have a default 'own query' as the last result of every query. I think that would be wonderful.

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