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"Hide All" script won't hide all.

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Hi there!


I'm trying to set up a Hide All script for the Remote, effectively hiding every app whose visibility is set to True and opening Home. So far it works every time with ScriptEditor, but when I put it on the System Command as a Open Script command, it works only slightly. Sometimes it just hides Messages, sometimes everything or sometimes it just doesn't care at all. I'm sure there's just something wrong with my coding/app/tech understanding. I'm using Murphy's HideAll 

tell application "Finder"
	set visible of every process whose visible is true and name is not "Finder" to false
	close every window
	open home
end tell

Hopefully some of you peeps know what's best. 

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tell application "Finder" to activate
tell application "System Events"
    tell application process "Finder"
        tell menu bar 1
            click menu item "Hide Others" of menu of menu bar item "Finder"
            click menu item "Minimize All" of menu of menu bar item "Window"
        end tell
    end tell
end tell

I have this in a workflow and it works every time.



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