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Alfred can't find .rb files

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The .rb files are located in ~/Projects/. This is not in the search scope.


I thought that file search, with the space, is basically the same as performing a search with Spotlight? Because these .rb files appear in the Spotlight search results, but not in the Alfred file search results.

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But that doesn't make sense. It seems like if I use the space search, then it searches the exact same things that Spotlight finds. I know this because when I search for "'.txt", then all .txt files in ~/Projects appears in Alfred just fine.

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Go to Alfred preferences->Advanced->Rebuild OS X Metadata 

Just to make sure that nothing fancy is going on. Then try again if you still cant find it.


Also try out to using the search option "find" like "find this_is_a_test.rb". If you changed the term 

then use your chosen keyword :)


Other than that you can check your spotlight options.

A few more things that might help you can be found here: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/troubleshooting/indexing/


Let me know if it still doesn't find it

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I created a file called this_is_a_test.rb. I searched for it in Spotlight and Alfred. It appears in Spotlight but not Alfred. I can navigate to it just fine in Alfred through the directory browser though. I have uploaded screenshots here, including my preferences.



Could you also check under Features > File Search  > Search that you haven't disabled quick file search? If you search for any other files on your Mac when pressing the spacebar first, do you get results as expected?


These .rb files should be found just like any others, provided they're correctly indexed and in the scope; Based on your screenshot, the file is within that scope already. 


I'm sure it'll turn out to be something simple :)




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I'll try to rebuild the OS X metadata as a last resort, just because it takes so much time. Or I'll do it when I'm away from my Mac.


"find" works fine for "find .txt" for instance, but nothing is returned for "find .rb". My options in Spotlight itself are all good; everything is checkmarked, and there are no excluded folders.


I have quick file search enabled already. Finding other files, such as with "'.txt", "'.pdf" works fine.


Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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Create a folder at the desktop or so and put 2 files in it. One is a .rb file and the other one is idk a .txt. Then 

search for those files. Check if you find both of them. If you don't find the .rb then add the folder to the search scope.

Just to make sure you should definitely find it.

Also use "*.rb" to search.


If this all doesn't work then set up a workflow with a File Filter like this here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3h7g505xq58ojmg/File%20filter%20from%20keyword%20and%20open.alfredworkflow?dl=0


Another thing you should do is check what the metadata says with a tool from Andrew, which 

can be found here: https://twitter.com/preppeller/status/728486378942693376

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