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Docker quick terminal

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I'd like to create a workflow which starts a Docker quick terminal, which is basically a shell script which starts the docker daemon.

After the docker daemon is ready, meaning the shell script has finished and the shell is ready to receive command I'd like to run my shell commands, such as cd to a specific dir and running docker-compose commands.


The problem I tend to get stuck with is running the shell commands when the docker daemon is ready, it doesn't wait until the new "shell" is ready for the docker commands.


This is the quick term command I run within my Alfred Terminal command script:

bash --login '/Applications/Docker/Docker Quickstart Terminal.app/Contents/Resources/Scripts/start.sh'


I want to run my other commands, which I appended using && only after the daemon is ready.


I'm must be doing things wrong here and would appriciate any assistance.




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I don't know anything about docker, but what you can do is to make a Workflow with different keywords to do different tasks.

You could also make a python script to list different options that you want to execute.


Further more i found a workflow to control your docker machines here: https://github.com/keithamus/alfred-docker-wizard


Best would be to describe what actions you want to execute, with an example. I for myself have no clue about docker :/

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