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CMD + enter does not work in Alfred

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The issue it doesn't work I suppose is because, I very often have cmd + enter binded to do a certain task in pretty much every application I have. I have it binded with BetterTouchTool, here is an example : "http://i.imgur.com/6v7pU8R.png"


The issue with that though is that when I press cmd + enter whist doing Alfred search, it doesn't actually do the action of 'Reveal File in Finder' and it is quite unfortunate as I then am forced to use my mouse / trackpad to click on the entry.


Is there some way I can bypass this issue? I hope you can understand what I mean and perhaps someone else had this issue too. Thank you a lot for any help. 

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That can be fixed by changing focusing behaviour of Alfred. 

Go to Alfred Preferences->Appearance->Options and change Focusing to Compatibility Mode.


Alfred pulls then focus and therefore BetterTouchTools "knows" that you're not in Chrome etc. anymore. With Standard Mode

it cannot recognise it :)

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