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Custom Dynamic Placeholders in Clipboard Snippets (v3)

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In light of replacing other text expansion tools with Alfred, I am missing two features in the beta version of Alfred 3:


  • I need the feature of having a text entry field after having triggered a snippet so that I can fill in missing information "at expansion time", e.g. a snippet like "Dear {name}, ..." should allow me to enter a replacement for {name} during expansion of the snippet. There is support for dynamic placeholders, but it seems that this is only for date, time and clipboard and not for "on expansion time" values since they would require a UI to enter the missing values.


Here is an example from another implementation (Dash):





  • I need (basic) rich text snippets which allow me to format parts of my snippet in bold, as list item etc. It looks like I can format the complete snippet as a whole only as of now.


I am really looking forward to the next iteration of the snippets feature. :)


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Is there a way to have the cursor at a specified part of a snippet after expanding it?


[Admin: Merged feature request into this thread]

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