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Option to search for text expansion keyword in the middle of words (V3)

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In OS X's default autocorrect feature it will search for text replacements in the middle of words if it's preceded by a character that breaks the stream such as any of: . ^ \ ( ) < > + = | - _. The idea is that this is useful with combining diacritics. So for example if I set the replace/keyword section to '.vect' and the with/snippet section to this and then type something like 

u.vect x v.vect

It should auto correct to

⃑u x ⃑v

Another use case would be exponentials. Suppose I wanted to have x^2 autocorrect to x². Sure I could make the entire thing (x^2) autocorrect to the result but in the system textexpander I can just make "^2" the keyword then any variable will behave this way. In Alfred if I did this I would have to type 'x ^2' which would autocorrect to 'x ²' and then I'd have to go back and manually remove the space between them. Granted in many cases if the equations become too complex it's best to switch to latex (and if this is for chat, use something like Hack.chat) but for simple equations that can be sent via sms and work on FB without installing anything, this is an appealing solution. Right now it appears only backslash breaks a word into two according to alfred. Here are a few of the other symbols I use and only some of which work properly with Alfred:

-> →
<- ←
.->  ⃑ 
.vect  ⃑
.hat ̂
^*t †
\inf ∞
^T ᵀ
.transpose ᵀ
\pi π
^0 ⁰ 
^1 ¹ 
^2 ² 
^3 ³ 
^4 ⁴ 
^5 ⁵ 
^6 ⁶ 
^7 ⁷ 
^8 ⁸ 
^9 ⁹
_0 ₀
_1 ₁
_2 ₂
_3 ₃
_4 ₄ 
_5 ₅ 
_6 ₆ 
_7 ₇ 
_8 ₈ 
_9 ₉ 
\int(  ∫  
\hbar ħ
\< 〈
\> 〉
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