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Mathematical Unicode Snippets (V3)

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I found myself chatting with people from time to time and needing to send equations. Obviously when Latex is available it's preferable but sometimes it's not. As a result I need a solution that requires zero installs but formats text a little better than you can get with the standard characters on the keyboard. Example: let's not say x^2 but x². Let's not say sqrt(x) but √(x). I want to be able to do this without looking up characters in a character table and I don't want it to add to how much I have to type much. Enter snippets.



They allow for decently complex notation without needing Latex. Because this is just unicode it works in most browsers and on most smartphones as well.




Github link.

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Sweet! I made a similar one for all greek letters. Personally, I prefer mathematica's style, where [Esc]p[Esc] is pi, for example. It shortens some of them, and gives it termination (if another has a similar beginnig, like phi, you add another letter, like [Esc]ph[Esc]). I simulated the Esc with a ";" both times. 


Though, in mathematica you can actually type the full word as well (it's more of an autocompletion type system), and the latex way is probably much more clear/less ambiguous way of doing this when it comes to snippets, so I might switch to the full words.

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