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Fill-ins in snippets (textexpander replacement!)

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If I understand correctly, you are talking about a snippet that pops up a form where you provide values for fields (e.g. the addressee of an email). You can get that feature with aText, which is $5.


It would be awesome to have this for Alfred though!

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12 hours ago, dfay said:

You can do this with snippet triggers in workflows.


He knows: I actually sent him to this thread because using Snippet Triggers is a cumbersome way to achieve this (especially if the snippet has multiple placeholders), and a real job of work if you have a large number of such snippets (as i believe @Ran does).


I’m still using Typinator for such snippets for that reason.

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Superhuman just launched variables in their snippets and they handle fill-ins pretty elegantly... they provide a few well-known variables, and then you can create your own placeholders, and if there's no set value, Superhuman will prompt you for a value:




As a suggestion for a Workflow, perhaps if there's a placeholder without a value, the Alfred UI could pop asking for all the necessary variables in a sequence until all the placeholders are filled. 


I don't have time to tackle this right now, but it seemed like a clever way to approximate what's being requested here.

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