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Snippet Pop-ups/Fill-ins

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I realize Alfred 3 was just released so new features may not come for a while. The additions in this release led me to become a Mega Supporter and I wasn't even using Alfred before this release (I had used Alfred in the past, however) so thanks for the amazing work thus far.


Anyway, to my suggestion:


I am/was a daily user of aText. The one thing that would make Alfred completely replace aText for me is the ability to add snippet pop-ups (not the technical term, I'm sure). It's great that you can add simple things like {clipboard}{date}, etc., but taking it one step further would be great. In aText, you can insert a blank field so when you type a shortcut you are prompted with a field to fill in. Example:




This can also be useful for markdown, and other things I imagine. In aText I have a URL Markdown snippet that makes my clipboard contents the URL and a pop-up that allows me to enter any text for that. Example:




In case it helps, this snippet in aText looks like this: [【field:text】](【clipboard】)

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