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On 11/17/2020 at 1:38 PM, hugobert said:

After installing Big Sur the iMessage workflow I used since 2013 broke, so I started looking for an alternative workflow.

This one looks promising, but sadly its not working with Big Sur.

If I type im or sms and the phone number it works fine but with im or sms and the contact name it opens the messages app and starts a new message to an unspecified contact.


Would love to get this one working.


So, I have been maintaining this workflow for a few years now in a forked branch from the main repo. This year I have just started a new workflow based on the previous one. 


I just finished this today, so let me know if you encounter any issues. It's working fine for me on Big Sur. 


On 11/24/2020 at 8:16 AM, gcagora said:


Interesting....It seems to be working okay for me on Big Sur. I, too, had been using a different workflow "iMessage to Friend" multiple times a day for years and years. It doesn't work with Big Sur, unfortunately.


The biggest difference with this one, is that before I could literally type my message in the Alfred pop up window. This workflow, while great, only seems to open up the contact I type in Messages. I then have to have exit out of the Alfred window to begin typing my message. Is there a way to actually type the message in the initial window?

 I read your comment a few days back, and it inspired me to add this feature in along with some other changes.


I am posting the link to Workflow on Github while I wait for the Packal submission to finish. 


Call or Message Contact

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