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I've been a loyal, evangelical Alfred user for years.  Use it 30X a day without fail.  But what am I missing about the remote capability?

Why do I need it, other than perhaps when giving presentations.  I'm sorry, what am I missing?  Isn't it easier just to access and control everything directly from my mac than to control the workflow from my iPhone or iPad?  Please explain.   

Stumped and confused..


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I too am stumped. I bought it because I like Alfred so much. I've played around with it and looked around for uses but I am left with the thought, why does this software exist?

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I've been a loyal, evangelical Alfred user for years.  Use it 30X a day without fail.  But what am I missing about the remote capability?



In the same way Alfred users can choose to use keywords or hotkeys to launch apps, files and actions on their Mac, picking whichever they find easier to use, Remote offers another angle for users who prefer to use their iPhone or iPad (which usually sits in your bag or in your pocket during the day anyway) as a control panel for launching or controlling your Mac.


Here's one post on how various we, and Alfred users, have set up their Remote, which may inspire you :)





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The Remote App would gain great value if it could display a visible feedback clue or window on the iPad/iPhone about that is happening on the Mac, such as:


1) the name of the song being currently played in iTunes and the available playlists

2) buttons changing color dynamically on the Remote App to illustrate the computer status such as "currently in Sleep mode", "bandwidth used reaching 100%", "disk free capacity reaching set treshhold"

3) the name of the user currently logged in

4) the name of the file(s) currently opened

5) the timer remaining time before a certain action is set to take place, such as shutdown

6) the status of a large file being uploaded or downloaded

7) a live view from the Mac built-in camera if the computer is on

8) a confirmation that a remote action requested has actually taken place (if you have to check on the computer itself, what's the point ?)

9) ...


In other words, allow the data communication to go both ways, not just forward between the Remote App and the computer.


Thanks to the developers team to take this suggestion into serious consideration :)

(To other users, please continue this list with other numbered visual feedback clues you might find useful to radically improve the current Remote App.)

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