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Alfred window roundness when the last element is selected


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In Alfred main window, when selecting the last element the color selection is not clipped by the window when rounded.


Steps to reproduce:

- Duplicate "Alfred OS X" theme

- Set "Window vertical padding" to 0

- (Increase "Window roundness" to see the problem clearly)

- Open Alfred main window, search for anything and select the last element


Correct window appearance (before selecting last element):



Wrong window appearance (last element selected):




- Alfred version 3.0 [652]

- OS X version 10.11.5 (15F34)

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This is something that I'm aware and is reasonably difficult to fix due to the way OS X deals with clipping and view hierarchies. I will leave this in bugs for now until I have a better response, but one option is to add some bottom padding to your window which matches the border radius.




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