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Tarique Naseem

VNC via AppleScript no longer working

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Ok. I've migrated to Version 2 and upgraded the PowerPack. I've reworked all my Scripts/AppleScripts to work with the new workflow system.


Most are working fine. However, I'm having issues with one particular workflow, using a 'Keyword->Run NSAppleScript'. Entering the keyword runs the workflow, but the VNC session does not start.


I'm running a keyword with no argument, and the AppleScript is as follows:


on alfred_script(q)
    open location "vnc://magneto.local:5900"
end alfred_script

I've also replaced with the local IP address of the server, and still no go. By the way, this works fine in Alfred 1.x.


Appreciate some help with this :)





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Just found a workaround. Updating here in case anyone else comes across the above issue...


Rather than running an AppleScript, I've now replaced the action with 'Open URL', and entered the vnc address (vnc://magneto.local:5900) into the address field, leaving the other settings as they are. This will actually launch the screen sharing app.


Job's a good 'un. :)

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Many thanks :) Will give it a go.


I did go back to the AppleScript though, and put a 'tell application' block around the 'open location' which did the trick. Just me being lazy with my scripts by not putting it in, in the first place. :)

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