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Clipboard - paste when letting go of modifier keys instead of having to press enter

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Back in the day there was a clipboard app called Flycut/Jumpcut. When you pressed the hotkeys to bring up the interface, you needed to hold the modifier keys, select which clip you wanted to paste, and then let go of the modifier keys to paste the clip into the active application.


So basically, you would:


hold cmd+shift

then tap v

while still holding cmd+shift, use arrow keys to scroll through clips

when you have the clip you want to paste selected, let go of cmd+shift

the content is pasted into the frontmost application


With Alfred, when you press the modifier keys (in my case cmd+shift+v, it brings up the Clipboard viewer, but you have to let go of the modifier keys before you can use the arrow keys to navigate through the clips. And when you arrive on the clip, you have to press return to paste. 


Is there a way to make Alfred behave like Flycut/Jumpcut as described above?

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