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Can i use Icons from the web in alfred 3?

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Im rewriting my old alfred 2 workflows using great alfred 3 json api and it is difficult to understand what icon types I can use - https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/script-filter/json/- it is not clearly described there((


"icon": { "type": "fileicon", "path": "~/Desktop" } - What other icon types I can use?


Can I load icons using url? (I know that was impossible in alfred 2) or I should use something like https://github.com/sananth12/ImageScraper ?


this is my old workflow preview




I use it not only for movies but for parsing dynamic web content and an ability to load images using url and dynamicly resize them would make my life much easier - :D

If it is not possible it is ok - I just wanted to check in case I missed it

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Nope, no URLs.
Three kinds of icon are supported. You can pass the path to an actual image file, e.g. "icon":{"path":"./icon.png"}, you can pass the path to a file whose icon you'd like to use, e.g. "icon":{"path":"/Applications/Safari.app", "type":"fileicon"} to show Safari's icon, or you can pass a file type in the form of a UTI, e.g. "icon":{"path":"public.folder", "type":"filetype"} to show the standard folder icon.

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