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Script Filter Branches & Closing Alfred After Actioning Result

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Hi! First of all, I love this app so much!


I am having a small issue with building a new workflow though. Here is the basic layout:




It's a todo app with OmniFocus. This is the workflow:


1) Get a task with the keyword object

2) Set "task" to that string with the Arg and Vars object

3) Use a script filter to list the contexts available in OmniFocus (green script filter)

4) Red filter 1, top branch: if the input is "mac", continue on to the next script filter that asks you to select a project

5) Red filter 2, otherwise, if the input is not "mac", just continue on without a project


The problem comes with #4 and #5. I can't seem to get the 2nd script filter to show up when I use the "mac" context unless I have the "Close Alfred After Actioning Result" checkbox clicked after the green script filter.


When I do that, though, the bottom path will keep Alfred up selecting a context that isn't "mac".


Is there some kind of reverse junction maybe? Or am I missing something easy?

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In the lower Filter Utility, you need to remove the @.


Your upper filter says "if {query} is equal to 'work'" and the bottom one says "if {query} is not equal to '@work'".


As a result, both evaluate to true when you choose "work".

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