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Truffle hog - pathfinder fulltext search

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This is a simple workflow for quick full text search inside current pathfinder folder.


It can:

  • filter files in your current pathfinder folder
  • full text search in your folder


THERE IS NO FINDER SUPPORT - I don't use it and Im too lazy to add it - if you want you can add it yourself :)



github download



dependency - http://geoff.greer.fm/ag/speed/


Search Options:
  -a --all-types          Search all files (doesn't include hidden files
                          or patterns from ignore files)
  -D --debug              Ridiculous debugging (probably not useful)
     --depth NUM          Search up to NUM directories deep (Default: 25)
  -f --follow             Follow symlinks
  -F --fixed-strings      Alias for --literal for compatibility with grep
  -G --file-search-regex  PATTERN Limit search to filenames matching PATTERN
     --hidden             Search hidden files (obeys .*ignore files)
  -i --ignore-case        Match case insensitively
     --ignore PATTERN     Ignore files/directories matching PATTERN
                          (literal file/directory names also allowed)
     --ignore-dir NAME    Alias for --ignore for compatibility with ack.
  -m --max-count NUM      Skip the rest of a file after NUM matches (Default: 10,000)
     --one-device         Don't follow links to other devices.
  -p --path-to-agignore STRING
                          Use .agignore file at STRING
  -Q --literal            Don't parse PATTERN as a regular expression
  -s --case-sensitive     Match case sensitively
  -S --smart-case         Match case insensitively unless PATTERN contains
                          uppercase characters (Enabled by default)
     --search-binary      Search binary files for matches
  -t --all-text           Search all text files (doesn't include hidden files)
  -u --unrestricted       Search all files (ignore .agignore, .gitignore, etc.;
                          searches binary and hidden files as well)
  -U --skip-vcs-ignores   Ignore VCS ignore files
                          (.gitignore, .hgignore, .svnignore; still obey .agignore)
  -v --invert-match
  -w --word-regexp        Only match whole words
  -z --search-zip         Search contents of compressed (e.g., gzip) files
File Types:
The search can be restricted to certain types of files. Example:
  ag --html needle
  - Searches for 'needle' in files with suffix .htm, .html, .shtml or .xhtml.
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