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Can one create a hotkey to open 'current workflow' in Terminal?

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I very often right click on a workflow and open it in Terminal to see and edit the files. Like so : 



This is very annoying and I really hate using my trackpad / mouse as it takes time and this time adds up. I really wish I could press some hotkey whilst I have some workflow in focus to directly open it in terminal. Can I do that?


Perhaps this should be a feature request to Andrew as I think only he can make a hotkey that does this behaviour but perhaps I am wrong. I just can't seem to find a quick way to edit and see the file contents of the workflows without having drag the mouse, right click and then drag the mouse and click again. I really wish it would be easier.


Thank you a lot for any help with this.

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Personally, I use this workflow to get at my workflows quickly. It's no help opening one in Alfred Preferences, however.


As far as your request goes, not it's not really possible (except for Andrew). The reason is that Alfred's AppleScript support does not extend to querying what's selected in Alfred Preferences, so there's no reliable way to tell which workflow is selected.

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