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Very cool workflow.

Could you maybe extend this to work in an additional format of "timein <insert place here>".

So I could have a default set of cities/countries set up when I type in just 'timein' (as the workflow does now), and if I type a city's name after it I'll get it's current time pushed in Alfred's search results?

For example:

"timein New York" will show up the time in New York (and maybe pop in an icon for the country? but that's really optional of course).


I took a little time and added most of what I wanted really quickly. You can get the updated workflow here: http://cl.ly/Nbwe.

I hope it'll be useful to someone, and if someone will be kind enough to try and get the proper location's flag of the location that would be more than great. I tried to query Wolfram for it, but it wasn't very collaborative.

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yes - much better :-)

flags.... I just used them manually.  probably can add wolfram sub search as well... ill try

Yea, I took a look at your code.


I thought that if not Wolfram, maybe there's another service that can return a flag based on a string, once you have a url to an image it's a piece of cake to push it into Alfred's results.


However, maybe the script will need to be rewritten in Python or another, more powerful scripting language than bash, you can't achieve too much using shell easily.

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