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How to paste File Filter path into Terminal Command

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I have created a small workflow that uses a File Filter to match the name of a directory (public.folder), and then open it in Finder when pressing Enter.


However, I also want to open Terminal and go to that path (cd ~/my/folder).


Is it possible to somehow paste the query result from the File Filter, into a Terminal Command, in the workflow?

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Okay, I actually solved this myself within a few minutes after posting the question, d'oh.


What you do, is add a Terminal command. And type in cd {query}.


To make it work with path names that have whitespace in them (space bar), mark the checkbox Escaping: Spaces.

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To be absolutely correct, use "{query}" (i.e. in double quotation marks) and select Escaping options Backquotes, Double Quotes, Backslashes, Dollars.


Anything else, and some input could break it.

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