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Simple Internet Test

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Not really sure where to put this, but I have an idea and no idea how to implement it.


At work, our internet goes out quite a bit, my wifi stays active and full, so I have to open a new window, type something random into google and see if it works to know if the net is down and if it needs to be restarted.


I could make a workflow that launches a google window and iinputs some random stuff, but can anyone think of a more elegant solution, a one word test that can be run through alfred and give me the result (connected or no connection) in alfred as well.


thank you so much!

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The shell command ping -o -t 2 google.com will succeed if it can connect to Google and fail if not (-t 2 means 2-second timeout, so you might need to increase that).
Here's a simple bash script:

ping -o -t 2 google.com
if [[ $? -eq 0 ]]; then
    echo "Online"
    echo "Offline"

Put that in a Run Script Action (Language = /bin/bash) and connect it to a Post Notification or Large Type Output.

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Can I ask a question regarding this workflow? I also find it quite insightful that something like this can be done. I tried to replicate it like so : 




this is what I wrote in the bash script : 




And this is the post notification : 




However I would assume that the post notification would only write me 'online' or 'offline' in the notification but instead it writes this :




I am not really certain what clarifies as a query here? Is it the echo part or everything in the script and how can I specify what goes in the notification pane. Thank you a lot for any help.

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In the case of a Run Script Action, the {query} of the following element is whatever the script prints to STDOUT. In this case, ping's output + Online/Offline.
Post Notification treats {query} differently in each field. Title shows only the first line. Text shows more.
If you don't want to see the output of ping, use: ping -o -t 2 google.com > /dev/null

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