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Help with passing highlighted word to Dictionary (from MS Word)

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Hi, I'm a workflow newbie.


As MS Word does not allow direct lookup using OS X's Dictionary, I want to make a workflow where I can highlight a word, press a hotkey, and have Alfred open Dictionary.app and paste the word in the search box.

I was able to create a Hotkey with Action: Pass thru to workflow and Argument: Selection in OS X

It then launches Dictionary, but I cant figure out how to paste the selected word.


Much appreciated.

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I'm attempting to do something similar:

-  Create a workflow to pass on OS X selection though to the Dictionary

-  Then, if the full definition is desired, open the Dictionary with the OS X selection passed through


What I've done:

-  Created a workflow: Hotkey (Action: pass thru to workflow; Argument: selection in macOS) + Dictionary Filter


Problem: While this does indeed show the definition in the Alfred window, pressing return does nothing/nada/zilch


Ideas?  Many thanks!

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