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Noob at this . Want to make a WhoIs Workflow (the one I used broke)

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So I do a lot of WhoIs searches and used to have a worklow that would show me the results of a WhoIs Search within alfred, this was very helpful but it doesn't work anymore, also I deleted it (as I was going to re download it) but the link is dead, so I have no reference point either.


Now let me start but saying, I am brand new to making these workflows, Ive been using alfred for years, its my favorite part of my mac. And I have made plenty of simple workflows but nothing too complicated. I would love to learn, so I figured this would be a good place to start.


I completely understand if my lack of knowledge makes this much too complicated to be walked through, but Im just hoping that its a good place to start.


So I dont even know where to start this, I know how to do a search on a specific site, but I have absolutely no idea how to make the results displayed.


Thank you in advance if you do have the time to help, but I completely understand if it is too complicated!

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