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Creating recursive date-output (%y%m%d)

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Hello everybody.


The problem:


I am dealing with a lot of files in my office-job. We have a naming convention, that every file starts with the recursive date. For loremipsum.txt created today, it would be 160615-loremipsum.txt, basically %y%m%d-filename


I would like to have a workflow that creates the date automagically.


The solution?


In theory I think I know how to do it


(1) Keyword

(2) Terminal Command, which executes 

date +%y%m%d

(3) Copy to Clipboard with the option set, to automatically paste to front most app.


I tried setting up a workflow like described above, but wasn't successful. It just opened up a terminal executing the command. But the terminal should not open, ideally the command is executed in the background and the output of the command should be pasted to the front most app, which my version of the workflow didn't do as well.


I am thankful for any advice on how to set up a workflow for this problem correctly.





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