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Typing Test / Game

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Every morning, I take a couple typing tests on 10fastfingers.com I enjoy the pre work warm up. It got me thinking, is there any way to do a typing game in alfred? I cant imagine how it would work but Ive seen some pretty amazing stuff come out of the community. Any ideas that I could expand on?

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You can indeed make some extremely rudimentary games in Alfred. I’ve made some, but have never found any made by anyone else (or interest in making more). They were also made pretty early in Alfred 2’s life, meaning also that even I was new to the features at the time and was just experimenting. At the time the goal was to see if it was at all possible, and test the limitations of Alfred. They were fun exercises, but I haven’t looked at new ideas for Alfred games since.
Still, they may be of interest to you:
PingPong (single-player game).
TurnShoot (multi-player game).
RepeatRepeat (not a game, but a proof-of-concept to make Alfred call itself repeatedly and update its status continuously, which may be of interest).

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Your games are the reason I am even asking :). I have seen your games on here and that gave me the idea! Just have no idea how it would be implemented as I am new to coding, in any way! Thank you for your response, maybe this will peak someones interest.

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