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Search inside a specific Google Document

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Hello everyone,


I was wondering if it would be possible to create a search in Alfred for a specific Google Documents spreadsheet? I know how to search Google Drive to find a document, but I would like to be able to search through the data inside a specific spreadsheet.

I'm using a spreadsheet to catalog all my books, and it would be awesome if I could just type an author's name in Alfred and get back all the books associated with that author that exist in that spreadsheet.


Do you think this is possible?


Thank you all,


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You can set up an Alfred File Filter for any local files (that Spotlight understands). Super easy.


The problem with Google Docs is that it is basically online-only. There is no "native" on-disk Google Docs format. All the files in your Google Drive folder are basically tiny JSON files that contain the document name, type and the URL to edit it online.


If you can set up a script that keeps your Google Docs synchronised with a local folder of .doc/.xls/.odt/etc. files, you can search them easily.


I'm planning to write a Google Spreadsheets-based workflow in the near future. I'll think on this issue and try to keep the code for accessing Google Drive separate from the rest of the workflow, so other people can base their Google Drive workflows on it.

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