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Mail.app search by author, subject or content [For macOS Mojave & earlier]

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I have just downloaded Alfred and bought the power pack. Now trying to get the 'mail' to work. I have added ~\library\mail to the search scope but when I enter for example em or emfrom and a keyword I am redirected to google search. the same happens for example with the Evernote app.


I am running Big Sur.


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Thought I should share this workflow to search Mail.app   Use the following keywords to search: emfrom to search the sender's name and email address em for a general subject + c

Any update on the sorting issue?  This is a great workflow, but not having the emails sorted by date does make this workflow less valuable.  For instance, I search for a subject, and the list returns

There is no sorting as such as the workflow returns them in the order OS X feeds them back, but you can have a play with date ranges   You can create additional keywords and go to the file filter's

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@bob 2.0 As per the first post in this thread, this workflow is unfortunately only suitable for macOS Mojave and older. Due to some changes made by Apple in macOS Catalina, it's no longer possible for third-party apps to access your Mail data





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1 minute ago, dfay said:

HoudahSpot has added a Mail plug-in that lets it search Mail when Mail is running - in Big Sur at least, not sure about Catalina - @Vero do you expect something similar in Alfred's future?

No. HoudahSpot is using a private API to search mail. Vero has said that Alfred won’t be doing that.


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@dfay We've had a look at how they do it, in case there was a new reliable way to search Mail, but as @deanishe says, it's using private APIs that aren't intended for use by external apps.


Here's my more complete response after we investigated this:




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