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love this great workflow, especially as with catalina the Mac/Ios Reminders-App got some love from Apple! Minor features are missing though. Like taking lists that are stored in a "Group" into account. When adding something to a list, that is not on the top level, it would not work unfortunately.


But other than that, it helps a lot when just using it in your GTD Workflow! Thanks a lot!

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This creates a new reminder in Reminders.app Download the latest version, for Alfred v3+ and macOS 10.12+ For older versions, go here. Usage To use, just type r <some text> i

Hi, my best compliments for this extension, it is great!   Let me add one more suggestion, what about creating a reminder from an email? I mean something like    r on 12/12/13 12:00 from Mail  

Nicely done! You're the wizard of workflow.

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I tried to change the Script so that "in X list" would work with lists in a group. Unfortunately this is _way_ too slow... there is no way of getting the list directly, you have to run through all reminders and get their container. This is also bad, because it would not return names of empty lists.


not a valid way. We need to wait for apple to fix this issue unfortunately

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Need help to improve on the workflow.


So when i type "r to go to park", it inputs a reminder but there is no set-date to it.

can help me make the default set to in 30minutes?


meaning when I type "r to go to park" the output would be "r in 30minutes to go to park"


Can help with this? Will pay $5 to help, in bitcoins, if u can send me ur bitcoin address.



Also, another bug is when i type "r today to go to park", the date is wrong, it gives me the date tomorrow instead, why is that so?



Using Alfred 4 , and macOS Catalina

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@codydingy I ask you to not take this the wrong way. My goal here is to help you get the help you’re asking for. Consider this:

If I do something for you for free, it’s a favour from which I may bail at any time. But if you introduce $5 to the mix, it becomes a business transaction—an obligation. There’s a threshold (different for everyone) that defines when one is willing to trade freedom for money.


While it’s appreciated that you offer to pay for someone’s time, there’s fewer coding tasks one would accept (and not regret) for $5 than for $0. The commitment isn’t worth it1. If you cannot afford more than $5 but would still like to contribute to whoever helps you, you’ll be better asking for it for free and sending the money as a surprise after the fact.

So in this case, it may be that your good intention is backfiring.


1. There is one type of task that’s worth it. When the request is so clear and simple that we see the solution in our heads without having to look at the code.

As a quick workaround, you may set a Hotkey Trigger (Action: Show Alfred; Argument: Text; Text: r in 30 minutes ). That way, when you press the hotkey you’ll have the text prepopulated and ready to go. Or you may do other connections with different Keyword Inputs, as long as you focus on the same goal.


On 3/19/2020 at 2:37 AM, codydingy said:

Also, another bug is when i type "r today to go to park", the date is wrong, it gives me the date tomorrow instead, why is that so?


Old bug.

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Is there a particular way to have a link (URL) added to a reminder in the URL field of the reminder?  I noticed that reminders I've created with this workflow put URLs in the title of the reminder, where they aren't clickable.


Small thing, but a great workflow. Thanks so much for making it!

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On 5/23/2020 at 4:34 AM, Acidham said:

Done check it out v2.2.0: https://github.com/Acidham/alfred-apple-reminder


Reminder can be added together with Reminder title, e.g. rm the title http://www.alfredforum.com


Fascinating, I wasn't aware of this workflow! The only bummer for me is that I like the workflow that uses Fantastical to parse because it takes natural language input. For example, I can say "Testing today 9pm /home" and it gets the topic, date, time, and list correct (although not the location of the URL, as noted).


I did try your reminder workflow, but it only sort of worked. IT shows the URL in Reminders, but as part of the title, not the URL field. See attachment. So it didn't do what I was expecting, but I have to say that I really appreciate the effort given that I have no idea how to write this kind of thing myself!




Screenshot 2020-05-26 21.26.22.png

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