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Kerning (spacing) increase for easier to read results

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I love Alfred, and I invoke it all the time to use the Calculator function.


Though, I find that the results often have a cramped visual read out, the kerning between the numbers is a bit tight and difficult to read, I think it could be better spaced out visually.




Example: the "785" is very closely spaced and could breathe more, and thus be more easily readable.

Actually, the Kerning across all results could probably increase, as it all does feel very tight.


Maybe it could even be a user adjustable setting?



Also, is there any chance Spotlight's currency conversions could make their way to Alfred too?

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Kerning is the spacing between individual pairs of characters. What you want is control over tracking. Control over kerning would make no sense, in this case.


Alfred uses the default options of the picked font, so your complaint is more precisely with that. In the Appearance tab of Preferences you’ll be able to switch to a typeface that pleases you more. Making this adjustable, while somewhat nice, is likely very low on the priorities list (as it should).


As for currency conversion, there are multiple workflows for that. Even if Alfred could take abilities from Spotlight, that’s be a bad idea as most of the new additions work exclusively in the USA.

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