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This is a simple workflow that will lookup reserved words in JavaScript. I found myself wanting a quick and simple way just to double-check, without having to link off to a site, or open another app, or anything other than a lightweight and quick review. Alfred is perfect for this.


Invoke the workflow with jsReserved and either scroll through the list of reserved words or start simply typing a word to find a match.


Available on Packal and Github.


readme from gitub:


This is a simple workflow extension for alfred that allows one to quickly look up reserved words in JavaScript. This allows a full list of all reserved words to be displayed, to either scroll through or type-ahead to find a specific instance.

Basically I wanted something where I could look this up quickly and easily without having to navigate away from what I was doing to a browser or another app. Alfred makes this quite easy.

Simply invoke alfred and start typing jsReserved followed by a space (or tab to autocomplete) and you will see a list of all reserved words. Begin typing a specific word being searched for to narrow down the list.


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