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Forum/workflow sharing suggestion

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Please make it easier to share workflows.

There are too many barriers. Look what I have to do:

  1. Export the workflow
  2. Generate a screenshot
  3. Register on the forums
  4. Host the screenshot somewhere
  5. Host the file somewhere
  6. Write a post

It seems absurd to have to do steps 4 & 5 in particular.


There is currently a user that is working on a repo for users to share/search workflows. That would probably still require the majority of the steps. You could always cut out the screenshot. It isn't required, just a "nice to have" for users who want to see what the workflow does before you download.

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Those steps seem insignificant compared to the time spent creating the workflow in the first place, especially one of any complexity.


But don't worry, I'm working on a "Run my life for me" workflow. Should be ready sometime around 2065. :P

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