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How to create simple Script Filter Python workflow

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Good morning,


I'm currently trying to create a simple Script Filter Alfred 3 Workflow using Python. I found an earlier example which demonstrated how to pass XML results to a Python workflow:

xmloutput = """
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <item arg="testitem">
    <subtitle>foo bar is a test item</subtitle>


My question is, what is the syntax for doing the same with the new JSON data structure?





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I started my research on that post but I was struggling with the implementation. For XML, it seems as though you just Print() the XML object and Alfred parses it but I can't get the same to work with JSON. Is it the same approach?

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Yes. Just print the XML/JSON string to STDOUT.


It's important that you print nothing else to STDOUT, or it will make your XML/JSON invalid.

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