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Exchange Credentials in workflow

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I have written a workflow that will query an exchange server and pull out a "today" list of appointments meeting etc and its pretty cool - except I built it for our internal exchange system with lots of nice hardcoded things.


I'd like to open this workflow up to the outside world - and as such - I need to store a users password and username.  


I can do this in the plist but I was wondering if there is a way to pull exchange credentials out of the keychain so that I don't need to go through the configuration step. 


Any ideas?



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You can use the security command line program to set/get passwords in the keychain.
security add-generic-password -a 'account name' -s 'workflow.bundle.id' -w 'password' will set the password for account account name to password for service workflow.bundle.id.
security find-generic-password -a 'account name' -s 'workflow.bundle.id' -g will retrieve the above password.
Account name is the identifier for the password, like the username or email address. Service is an identifier for the application/website storing the password. Your bundle ID is a good choice here.


Might be worth mentioning that older versions of OS X (Lion and earlier, IIRC) don't support the -g option on find-generic-password.

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To follow up, if you are writing it in Python and using Dean's library, he's made some nice wrappers around these commands for ease. If you're writing it in PHP and using Alphred, then the same sort of wrappers exist. If you're doing it otherwise, then you'll have to access the commands yourself.

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