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appearance: window's width and number of items

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Could you allow us to vastly/arbitrarily increase the size of Alfred's search-window, so that you could


1 allow for (many) more than 9 results to be displayed (say, up to 30).


2 display the whole filename even when it is very long?



This would be very useful to me as I always use a simpler file filter workflow to search between many files with similar and long filename s, and for which I need to see the whole filename (these are scientific papers, which I often search by the authors names and of which I do not remember the titles by heart, although I can recognize it when I read it). 


If you are concerned that all this decreases readability, you could allow these options to be selected only selectively, say only for file filter searches.

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Ciao Pietro,


regarding the window width, you can change it on your theme in the 'Appearance' window.


move slowly your cursor on the upper / lower side of your them's window, until you see:


window width: xxxx drag up/down to resize, then just drag to resize; a little tricky...


There's also in the preferences, 'File Search', a popup with 'Result limit', allowing you to set up to 40.


don't know if this helps you, I hope so...




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Thank you Giulio, this does help!


I still wish I could see more than 10 results at the same time in Alfred's window though;

now even if I select 40 in File Search/Result limit, only 10 results are shown at once, and then I have to scroll down to see more of them. 

No way around this I guess

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OMG, after giving up on resizing the window width, I found this thread, and voila. The window's appearance is a real feature-discovery issue. Yes, the implementation is clever, economical, and direct, but you don't actually know what the alterable parameters are until you click on them. I'd clicked around in search of window width and never found it because the click location is near other feature click locations. There needs to be some sort of additional guide or map or legend right there in the Appearance section of the preferences.

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