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Multiple search "sources" with Alfred 3?

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Thanks for the reply but not sure that answers my question.

I know if I'm simply searching for files I can use a file filter and multiple locations/file types. But what if I want to combine the results from a file filter and a script filter (like Evernote searching)?

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Use the same keyword for both?


If that doesn't work, then you'll probably need to write your own workflow that wraps the others.



Thanks..when you say write your own workflow, do you mean write a search in the "script filter" that searches all my sources (evernote, files, notes, etc) and then returns one set of results?

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Trying to call one workflow's scripts from a different workflow is extremely likely to cause problems.


If you want to use one of Alfred's built-ins as a source for your script, e.g. a File Filter, you can forget about it.


If you're in luck, Evernote exports its database under ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/ where other applications (and File Filters) can access it.


If not, assigning the same keyword to multiple Script Filters is probably the only way to avoid a lot of work.

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