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Safari bookmarks broken with OS X 10.12 Beta


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Can you please comment on this annoying bug? Is it with OX S or Alfred?


Little point in having a forum if no one corresponds!



Hi there,


As with any bug posted to the bug subsection of this forum, I need time to test before I can respond. OS X 10.12 is currently in beta, so I don't have this running every day, therefore, it sometimes takes longer to respond.


I've now managed to test this issue on MacOS 10.12, and can confirm that Alfred is finding bookmarks fine, so this is likely a quirk on your Mac with the MacOS Beta. You may find that rebuilding your metadata (shortcut in Alfred's Advanced preferences) will fix the issue.


It's also worth keeping in mind that we are keener to respond to more polite and thorough posts.




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Hi Andrew, 


Thanks - will try your solution.


I responded as I did to facilitate a response and this achieved its objective.


Note that I pay for your App and I should be entitled to a timely response.


Enough said.

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Hi Andrew, 


Did as you suggested but still not resolved. I have two Macs running 10.12 Beta (16A254g) with similar results.


Unless you advise otherwise, I will assume it is a bug for Apple to resolve.


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