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Foursquare Search

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Foursquare Search


A workflow for Alfred 3.

Download and Installation


Download the workflow file either from GitHub releases or Packal website and install it by double-clicking on Foursquare Search.alfredworklow.

Configuration and Usage


Foursquare Search can be used by the following keywords:

  • 4sqconfig to set a location (e.g., "Cupertino, CA") to the following searches;
  • 4sqexplore to search intelligently by categories, venues names, tips etc (e.g., "pizza place");
  • 4sqsearch to search for venues by names.




To report a bug or submit a feature request, please create an issue or submit a pull request on GitHub.


This workflow relies on Foursquare API, Alfred-Workflow library by Dean Jackson and docopt.


Foursquare Search code is released under the MIT License.

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