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@vitor I contacted the maintainer of k2pdfopt and he told me how to disable the interactive mode. That was enough to, at the same time, passing the arguments to subprocess.Popen as an array and removing both the echo command and shell=True.

The only issue now is that double quotes are still an illegal character, but this is an issue with k2pdfopt that I already reported to him and he promised to look into.

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On 4/11/2022 at 10:25 PM, 2pilvic said:

It works great, even "optimize". Thank you very much for your wonderful workflow (iMac, M1, MacOS 12.2.1.)


Thank you for this wonderful workflow. In merge option for pdf, is it possible to retain bookmarks from individual files as well as add file name as root name? PDF exchange in windows has this useful option and it will be good if this can be added. Many thanks in advance

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