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Send Snippet Directly to Terminal

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The new Alfred 3 Snippets are great - they replaced a lot of other text managers on my Mac.


One question: is it possible to create Snippets so that they will run directly as terminal commands (rather than having to create a Workflow element for each Terminal command I want to run).




"> killall PrinterProcessor"


If I create this as a Snippet, I can't find a way to get it into the Alfred window without copy n paste.


What I'd like to be able to do is invoke my snippet list, type (for example) 'killall', choose the snippet "> killall PrinterProcessor" and hit return to send it like any other Alfred command prefixed with > to the Terminal.


I there a simple way to do this?






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I was using Dash mainly - it has a snippet function that allows cursor placement (multiple with tab) - but I can live with Alfred way of doing things. Most of the complex cursor placementstuff I only need when I'm in my text editor (Atom) and it handles that well.

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Yeah, I use UltiSnips (vim) for hardcore snippeting. Waaaay more powerful than any non-integrated snippet engine can be.
Couldn't live without cursor placement, though.


Have you tried Visual Studio Code? It's very much like Atom but massively less bloated and slow.
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As per my response in your other thread:


If all you're looking to do is expand your snippets in Alfred, go to the Snippets preferences, click the cog and remove Alfred from the default ignore list. :)

Keep in mind that this could have adverse effects, e.g. expanding when you're searching in the Snippets Viewer using the snippet's keyword.
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Thanks Vero.


The solution you suggest isn't too bad at all, but it requires more human memory I am capable of! It requires me remembering the expansion shortcuts for each of my commands.


What would be ideal:


- Invoke Snippets
- Filter and select Snippet
- Shift (or other modifier key) + Return to move this Snippet to the main Alfred execute window instead of pasting it.







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