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Send Snippet Directly to Terminal

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As per this thread: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/9287-send-snippet-directly-to-terminal/#entry46194


It would be great to be able to create Snippets so that they will run directly as terminal commands (rather than having to create a Workflow element for each Terminal command I want to run).


"> killall PrinterProcessor"

If I create this as a Snippet, I can't find a way to get it into the Alfred window without copy n paste.

What I'd like to be able to do is invoke Alfred's snippet list, type (for example) 'killall', choose the snippet "> killall PrinterProcessor" and hit return to send it like any other Alfred command prefixed with > to the Terminal.

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Perhaps - I'll defer to those who know why this would or wouldn't be a good idea, but on the surface, I'd like to see this feature.



If all you're looking to do is expand your snippets in Alfred, go to the Snippets preferences, click the cog and remove Alfred from the default ignore list. :)


Keep in mind that this could have adverse effects, e.g. expanding when you're searching in the Snippets Viewer using the snippet's keyword.




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